About us


DG Authority LLC is owned and managed by a group of successful local ecopreneurs with expertise in the different fields of the ecofriendly sustainable project development. Our group of professionals bring specialized skills in engineering, sales and marketing, energy audit, installations, environmental and permit process in the fields of glass recycling, rainwater harvesting systems and renewable energy development.


A World-Class team of industry professionals has been assembled to join our group to meet the challenging technical and financial requirements needed to ensure successful delivery of our projects. DG Authority adds value to its customers by providing financing options: leasing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA); as well as a financial analysis of the impact of on the solutions implementations on the day-to-day customer’s operation.


As ecopreneurs working towards an environmentally friendly society, we acquired the rights of the Sioneer technology for the territory of Puerto Rico, that consists of a system which will produce a 100% clean glass “Amorphous Silica” without crystalline.  Our product is environmentally responsible and helps industrial markets qualify for LEED certification points.


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